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5 of the Coolest Food Eating Challenges in the US

5 of the Coolest Food Eating Challenges in the US
5 of the Coolest Food Eating Challenges in the US

America is known for its diverse range of cuisine styles and restaurants. Something else that is common in America, as well as some other countries, are food eating challenges. These competitions are a race against time to see who can eat and finish these massive dishes.


Here are 5 of the coolest food eating challenges:

1. The 8th Wonder Challenge

The 8th Wonder Burger is the largest burger in the entire world. Found at Clinton Station Diner in Clinton, New Jersey, this massive burger measures out to be 28 inches wide, and 22.5 inches tall, and 205 pounds! You are allowed to have a team of ten people compete and attempt to finish the burger in under sixty minutes. If you are successful, your team will receive a cash prize of $5,000. However, no one yet has been able to beat this challenge!

2. The 80oz Steak Challenge

The 80-ounce steak is a massive chunk of meat challenge found in Akron, Ohio at the Main Street Saloon. The challenge includes one 80 ounce steak, one baked potato, a side salad, and a roll. The whole meal weighs in at 6 pounds, and you only have 45 minutes to eat it all. It only costs thirty dollars to try, and if you win, you will receive a free meal, a free T-shirt, and your picture on the restaurant’s wall of fame.

3. The Inferno Bowl Challenge

The Inferno Bowl Challenge is a spicy soup challenge that can be found at Nitally’s Thai-Mex Cuisine restaurant in St. Petersburg, Florida. The challenge includes a 28-ounce bowl of soup made with ghost chili peppers. It is a lot of very spicy soup that contestants must finish within thirty minutes. If successful, you will receive $1,000. One of their rules, however, is that you have to be sober to attempt the challenge.

4. The ‘Wichzilla Challenge

The ‘Wichzilla is a massive sandwich challenge located in Oxford, Michigan at the restaurant, ‘Wiches. This challenge includes a sandwich composed of 4 and a half pounds of turkey, ham, bacon, cheese, lettuce, tomato, and aioli. It only costs $15, and if you can eat it all in under thirty minutes and three seconds, you will receive a $25 gift certificate, a T-shirt and your picture on the Wall of Fame. If you lose, your picture will end up on the Wall of Shame.

5. The Rocky Top Ice Cream Challenge

The Rocky Top Ice Cream Challenge is a creamy dessert challenge at It’s All So Yummy Café in Knoxville, Tennessee. This gigantic dessert includes 16 scoops of ice cream, three bananas, three giant brownies, whip cream, chocolate sauce, marshmallows, sugar cones, orange candies, among other toppings. You have one hour to eat it all, and if you are successful the dessert is free, your picture is placed on the picture wall of fame, and you’ll receive a free T-shirt.


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